Credit- Application For Loan

The statement “having a pure blood” meets in Germany as a necessity not only for a legally compliant life, but also when it comes to the daily, financial life. In this context, we are talking about an institution that indirectly encounters the German citizen on a daily basis. We are talking about the SCHUFA – the number one among the German credit reference agencies with the largest database of far-reaching information about our buying behavior. No lending business in which SCHUFA does not have a decisive influence with its detailed information on the payment behavior of German citizens. Be it the purchase of a consumer good, the conclusion of a mobile phone contract, the lease for a new apartment or the application for a loan – the SCHUFA credit report is there and in a crucial role!


Credit? Not without Schufa! Or is it?


 Credit? Not without Schufa! Or is it? An online loan from a bank nowadays only if a declaration of consent is signed, after which the bank is allowed to obtain a Schufa information. If the declaration of consent is not given, the request has settled IMMEDIATELY – that is: Rejected!

If the declaration of consent has been submitted, the bank will ask and SCHUFA will provide the counterparty, ie the bank, with a corresponding credit report, which will indicate to the bank whether the applicant is a solvent customer with a positive credit rating. If there are no negative entries according to this information, this is a very good sign and is usually the final step in obtaining a loan.

However, if there are negative notes in the Schufa, such as an undeleted loan or a dunning notice, the loan is usually rejected.


Little Nell and the SCHUFA? Oh no!

 If you only need a small loan or a mini loan for a maximum period of 30 days, you will find this loan here – even if there is a burdened SCHUFA! We at Little Nell will lend you money for 30 days and trust that you are aware of your obligation to pay us at the end of the 30 days. We see in each of our customers an honest customer who only needs to bridge a short-term financial bottleneck.


For Little Nell, there is a high degree of trust and much less what some credit bureaus may tell you. Plain: Even customers with negative Schufa can get an online loan at Little Nell!