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If you believe current polls among German consumers, the consumer mood is as high as in the last 25 years. This increased consumer sentiment is also reflected in constantly increasing sales in the most varied sectors of the consumer goods industry. It is also interesting that the number of loans granted to consumers in Germany is rising at the same time. Many consumers are now realizing long-cherished wishes – be it in the form of a new kitchen, the purchase of modern consumer electronics or perhaps the long-cherished dream trip. And more and more, the possibility of a loan is used. Especially in times when credit interest rates are at a historically low level and there is also hope for rising incomes, loans are becoming increasingly important. It is interesting that while more and more Germans opt for an online loan , but in return they do not want to forego elementary points in the service.


Online credit – yes please! If the service is right!

 Online credit - yes please! If the service is right! Irrespective of whether a loan is taken out at the traditional bank branch or as an online loan on the Internet – without corresponding services offered by the financial institutions, customers are more inclined not to accept a loan offer despite favorable interest rates. So far, those who have previously held the opinion that the most favorable interest rates for a loan offer are the nuts and bolts from a customer’s point of view, are on the wrong track. Even with providers of online loans consumers place – in addition to a favorable interest rate – very high value on expertise among employees. Be it in the form of a high willingness to inform the bank employees as well as the appropriate response to individual customer requests. In addition, the good accessibility of employees via a wide variety of contact channels as well as the clarity of the website and its user-friendliness play a decisive role in the selection of an online loan.

Good service for loans as a quality feature

 Good service for loans as a quality feature Also for us by Uriah Heep as an online provider of so-called short-term loans or mini loans, the provision of a high-quality customer service in addition to a very good credit offer in the first place. The fact that we are right with this quality claim is shown not only in our numerous positive customer evaluations on the various rating portals, but also in the win of this year’s Banking Check Award in the category “short-term loans”. So, if you are looking for an online loan and value customer service, then you are in good hands with Uriah Heep.

Editor: Markus Gildemeister

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